MIT Spectrumware Video Demonstration - MIT Spectrumware Video Demonstration of Software Defined Radio.

VID_20140311_083110.mp4 - Wireless Innovation Forum Chairman Lee Pucker opening up the Wireless Innovation Forums event before Motorola Solution March 11 - 13, 2014

VID_20140311_083151.mp4 - Vanu Bose is introduced by Lee Pucker  Part 1 of 3

VID_20140311_085258.mp4 - Vanu Bose Wireless Innovation 2014 presentation part 2

VID_20140311_091355.mp4 - Part 4 of Vanu Bose's presentation before the Software Defined Radio Wireless Innovation Forum where I ask Vanu Bose if he would provide the IIT's RTC with a update to his 2001 " Research Challenges in Software Radio" with Carol Davids